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Scientific Review. Biological science
ISSN 2500-3399
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Matveeva A.A. 1 Gileva E.M. 1 Sieben A.N. 1, 2
1 State Agrarian University of North beyond the Urals
2 All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Veterinary Entomology and Arachnology
Assessed parasitological contamination kanilizatsionnyh wastewater Tyumen in the summer (July) and autumn (September) periods in 2010. When parasitological study of wastewater sampled in the summer of distribution channel aerotekov were found viable eggs and larvae strongiloidnogo movable type , intact eggs of ascarids, and damaged the simplest oocysts after mechanical treatment of the primary clarifiers were found larvae strongiloidnogo movable type and nonviable ootsistsy simplest analysis of samples from the secondary clarifiers following biological activated sludge process revealed nonviable eggs askaridoidnogo type and viable larvae strongiloidnogo type in samples of wastewater from secondary clarifiers after biological treatment of eggs, larvae and oocysts pathogens parasitic diseases have been identified. Exemption from wastewater parasitic pathogens in autumn occurs after biological treatment by activated sludge in secondary sedimentation tanks, which, according to the authors , due to the high level of initial contamination of sewage in the summer compared with the autumn , as well as reducing the effectiveness of the activated sludge.