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Scientific Review. Biological science
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Poddubny S.K. 1 Elokhova Y.A. 1 Ogorodnikov M.A. 1
1 Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sports Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation
The problem of adaptation of children and adolescents to scuba dive is now virtually unexplored. The results of the study of individual psychological characteristics of the individual children 12 years of age at the beginning of course diving. This paper evaluated the type of temperament , level of neuroticism , lies, anxiety and aggression. Studies have shown that the investigated physiological parameters in young divers are within the age norm . Found that the majority of children by type of temperament are moderate extroverts (85%), 15% - introverted, 98 % of children who choose diving, have a high level of emotional stability , and 2% are emotionally stable. In this case the children was 100 % level of sincerity. Thus, children of this age are able to withstand the extreme effects of factors aquatic environment.