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Scientific Review. Biological science
ISSN 2500-3399
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Sokurova M.V. 1 Okazova Z.P. 1
1 North Ossetian State University K.L. Hetagurova
Important place in preserving the diversity of flora and fauna is given Protected Areas. Current legislation provides various protection regimes. Notable among these are the national parks. They are related to federal property. Under the protection of national parks are preserved and most important from an environmental perspective natural complexes, which is unique not only national but international importance.The problem of preserving natural systems most acute for national parks, because, unlike the state nature reserves their territory open to the public.The purpose of research - to examine major environmental offenses in protected natural areas of North Ossetia.The study found that the protection of air, water, wildlife, vegetation of the National Park “Alania” held at the proper level, which helps to reduce the number of environmental offenses. In addition, active work on reproduction and acclimatization of animals, cultivation of forests.