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Titlyanova A.A. 1 Sambuu A.D. 2
1 Institute of soil science and Agrochemistry of SB RAS
2 Tuvan Institute for the exploration of natural resources SB RAS
The vegetation of the Earth is a different successional series. There are different understandings of succession. Clements is the author of the theory of succession considered that the succession includes all land cover change, starting with the settlements of the newly exposed area or territory with a disturbed vegetation, to the time when plant community will come in relative alignment with climatic conditions. In the conditions of sharply continental climate of ^va development of agriculture without irrigation itself did not justify. There were periods of mass virgin land development in 1950-1960. At the beginning of 1990th to the area of the earth processed for till of the agricultural cultures, began sharply to grow short. Till 1995 to the special study of flora and vegetation of bed earth of ^va was not conducted. To researches of features of overgrowing of the neglected plough-land, specific composition of vegetation, productivity, stages of the virgin land and their durations, prospects of their using as forage lands devoted hired.