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Scientific Review. Biological science
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Berestneva O.G. 1 Urazaev A.M. 2 Shelehov I.L. 2
1 National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University
2 Tomsk State Pedagogical University
The state of research on the adaptation of the human body. The variety of different definitions of adaptation in biology and medicine is due primarily to differences in the positions of authors. The main directions of research in this area: from the works of Hans Selye to the works of contemporary authors. Particular attention is paid to such phenomena as phenotypic adaptation, adaptation syndrome and adaptation effect. The basic stages of the adaptation process, allocated FZ Meyerson. There are several dozen concepts of cause -and-effect relationships of physiological, psycho-physiological processes that underlie the individual human adaptation to the factors. Adaptation and maladjustment act as complementary to each other’s events . Currently, priority is given to those areas that can detect patterns of human adaptation to a range of natural, industrial and social factors. Such studies are based on the application of an integral complex of the functional condition of the body. The article highlights the major items that need further development and refinement.