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Scientific Review. Biological science
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Vasileva Yu.B. 1
1 FSBEI HPE «Ulyanovsk SAA named after PA. Stolypin»
The article presents the results of a study of phenotypic characteristics of strains B.bronchiseptica. Bordetella is not demanding in terms of growth, well-cultivated on conventional agar media, abundant - in media enriched with nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and trace elements, are also growing on selective media containing growth inhibitors. Biological feature of strains B.bronchiseptica is their phenotypic variability due to the passage of the infectious cycle. During the cultivation of virulent strains of Bordetella to form small dense environments, convex, round, with smooth edges, translucent colonies with a shiny surface and a clear zone of hemolysis. Bordetella found in avirulent phase, form large, with smooth and rough edges, mostly flat with a raised center, a matte surface of the colony with a missing zone of hemolysis. There are intermediate options. Transition from a virulent virulent phase occurs during prolonged cultivation, multiple passages, reducing the growth temperature to 25 °C.