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Scientific Review. Biological science
ISSN 2500-3399
ПИ №ФС77-57454


Vibaykina A.A. 1 Semenova M.V. 2 Bome N.A. 2
1 Institute of problems development of the Noth Siberian branch the Russian academy of sciences
2 Tyumen State University
This article analyzes the current state of the tree and shrub flora highways Tyumen. The growth of the city accompanied by a reduction in the number of clean air, water, green space and silence. Construction of motorways and the increasing number of private cars lead to the development of suburbs that have pushed and continue to besiege parts of the natural world. As a result, woody plants have to adapt to the ever-changing urban environment, which leads to a decrease in the resistance of plants. We have analyzed the influence of anthropogenic factors on the life and aesthetics of woody plants. The data on species diversity and number of trees and shrubs of Tyumen. The analysis of the occurrence of species, as well as aesthetic appreciation of surveyed trees. Identified leading family in landscaping of roads, as well as the types of trees are resistant to adverse environmental factors.