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Glazunov Y.V. 1
1 FGBOU VPO Agrarian State University Northern Zauralye
Publication of “Some aspects of the phenology of ticks in the south of the Tyumen region” contains information and species composition ratio ixodids species and the characteristics of the phenology of ticks in the south of the Tyumen region. Author found that the species affiliation ticks varies slightly in different subareas of the region. Thus, in the subzone and the subzone podtaezhnoy northern steppe is the most common type D. reticulatus (49,549,9%) subdominiruyuschim - I. persulcatus (41,9-41,4%) and rarely seen - D. marginatus (8,6-8,7%), which differs from the ratio ixodids species in southern forest subzone , which also occupies a leading position - D. reticulatus but in smaller amounts - 44.2%, and then practically at the same level I. persulcatus (41,3%), rarely seen view of D. marginatus reaches 14.5%. Terms attack ticks in the Tyumen region is largely dependent on meteorological conditions. Do ticks of the genus Dermacentor awarded two peaks parazitrovaniya early spring and summer-autumn. Ticks Ixodespersulcatuspoyavdyayutsya early spring with the peak of activity throughout May. Summer almost affected animals , animals can meet single copies ixodids.