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Scientific Review. Biological science
ISSN 2500-3399
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Goncharova A. S. 1 Aleksandrova A.A. 1 Gutnikova L.V. 1 Zolotukhin P.V. 1 Shkurat T.P. 1
1 Southern federal university
According to contemporary experimental data, GDF-15 protein levels may be anticipated to be increased in pre-eclampsia, though data regarding this topic are scarce and contradictory. Thus, we determined levels of growth and differentiation factor 15 (GDF-15) protein in serum of pre-eclamptic (N=8) and healthy (N=37) pregnant women (38-40 weeks gestation). Serum GDF-15 levels were determined using ELISA kit. : Median GDF-15 was 181,212.0 pg/ml in the control group and 177,850.5 pg/ml in pre-eclamptic patients. No significant differences were found between the groups, thus we concluded GDF-15 not to be of major-effect nature in pre-eclampsia pathogenesis or etiology. However, GDF-15 level disturbances may have minor-effect nature in this pregnancy complications, and respective-design type investigations are further required to answer this question.