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Scientific Review. Biological science
ISSN 2500-3399
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Gribko A.S. 1 Savenko I.A. 1 Sergienko A.V. 1 Ivashev M.N. 1 Arlt A.V. 1
1 Pyatigorsk branch of the Volgograd state medical university
The pilot research of safety of extract torilis field (irritating activity, acute toxicity) is conducted. Researches on a horion-allantoisny cover of a chicken embryo testify that tested extract torilis field in the cultivations corresponding to concentration of ethyl alcohol of 17,5% and 8,75% can not possess an irritant action on mucous membranes of mammals. Experimental data allowed to draw a conclusion that extract torilis field at dilution twice (35%) possess a moderate irritant action on a mucous membrane of an eye of guinea pigs. The extract divorced with water in four and eight times, possesses a weak irritant action. Not divorced extract of 70% isn’t recommended to be applied in a type of a strong irritant action. According to Sidorov K.K. table, at a way of introduction of per os acute toxicity of extract torilis the field corresponds to a class IV - low-dangerous means.