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Scientific Review. Biological science
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Kazeev K.S. 1 Chernikov M.P. 1 Kolesnikov S.I. 1 Yankina K.O. 1
1 Southern federal university
Carried out on the territory of the Nature Reserve “Utrish” studies showed a significant distribution of original brown soils of different subtypes. In addition to these soil conditions are typical sod -calcareous soil, meadowlike carbonate, meadow gleyed and anthropogenically transformed soils. The soil cover of the reserve is extremely complex, caused by the manifestation of the erosion processes and characteristics of the parent rocks of varying degrees of carbonate and weathered . Clear-cutting of forests, produced several decades ago, has led to considerable destruction of soils as a result of direct cutting and tralevkitrees , and subsequent severe erosion . Soils with high recreational load differ significantly lower content of organic matter (humus 2,8-3,7% ) than in the control soils with humus content exceeds 8%.