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Scientific Review. Biological science
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Kryukova A.A. 1
1 Voronezh State Forest Academy
There were conducted the studies on the differentiation of the oak tree stem form pathology in the plantings. The test areas were chosen with different inventory indices in the following forest districts of Voronezh region: Suburban (Zhivotinovskoye, Levoberezhnoye, Pravoberezhnoye), Ostrogorzhskoye (Ostrogorzhskoye, Korotoyarskoye), Novousmanskoye (Yablochnoye). As a result, there were indicated such pathologies as misshapenning, S-shaped curvature and a saber-conspicious inclination, thik skeletal branches extending from the stem at an obtuse angle, the diameter of which is / of the trunk diameter or more. The identified pathologies are found practically in every test area and have a significant percentage of occurrence compared with other pathologies. Other pathologies: stem accrete, twisted angular bending, straight and angled inclination, punks, cross-section asymmetry, increased tapering. These pathologies are rarely indicated and if they have a significant occurence percentage, it is expedient to speak about individual features of the formation and development of a specific array. The graphics were plotted on the dependence of PPS occurrence on stand degree (completeness), age and oak units in the composition of stand. Oak trees with the pathology of the stem form in Voronezh region stands reach 15,6 % to 74,9 % on test areas, the average index for all test areas makes 36,6%.