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Scientific Review. Biological science
ISSN 2500-3399
ПИ №ФС77-57454


Anshakova V.V. 1 Stepanova A.V. 1
1 North-Eastern Federal University
The review about biotechnological application and ecological cleanliness of renewed lichen raw materials is made. On the basis of the lichen raw materials of Yakutia, containing a complex of physiologically active substances, with application mechanochemical activation obtaining preparations of action. Creating mechanochemical bio-complexes based on the natural matrix of the lichen p-oligosaccharide leads to a prolongation of the pharmacon and increases its biological (including therapeutic) effect by a few times, while reducing the dose and toxicity. Currently, the production of new biologics is being launched in the North-Eastern Federal University. The universality of the “active filler^’ allows a quick restructuring of the production of one product to another, changing only the pharmacon which is introduced into the mechanochemical process.